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Activate is an action that allows you to use an effect of cards with Activate symbols on them. Some Items and Allies have Activated Abilities, which are card Abilities that must be activated to be used. Cards with an Activated Ability include an Activate symbol to indicate that their Ability is not always in effect. A card with an activated Ability is played to a location as normal.

Official Rules[]

  • Choose one Item or Ally in your Realm with the Activate symbol.
  • Pay the card's Activation cost, if any.
  • Perform the card's Activated Ability.
  • Each time you wish to use the card's Ability, you must perform the Activate action and pay the Activation Cost, if any.


  • The card is not discarded after the Activated Ability is performed.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you may activate a card's Ability, provided you use an Activate action and pay the card's Activation Cost, if any, each time.
Actions [edit]

Common Actions
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Unique Actions
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