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Wolves, an Ally in Gaston's Villain deck.

Ally is a card type. It only appears in Villain decks, and is denoted with a red font. Allies are played to the bottom of a Villain's board, in a particular location. All Allies have a Strength, which is used to determine if they can Vanquish a Hero (even if they belong to a Villain without Vanquish actions, like Ursula or the Evil Queen).

Official Rules[]

  • Ally cards appear only in the Villain deck and represent your Villain’s henchmen, helpers, and pets.
  • To play an Ally, pay its Cost (shown in the upper left corner) and place the card below any unlocked location in your Realm.
  • Once Allies have been played to a location, you may use them to defeat Heroes at the same location by performing the Vanquish action.
  • Each Ally has a Strength (shown in the lower left corner), which may be modified by other cards in the Realm.
  • Additionally, most Allies have an Ability that affects other cards or actions.
  • Once an Ally is in your Realm, you’ll need to decide whether to use it to defeat a Hero or keep it in your Realm for its Ability.


  • Whenever referring to an Ally's Strength, always consider all other card Abilities that are in effect in the Realm. For Example, if an Ally has a Strength of 5 printed on their card, but another card in the Realm gives them -1 Strength, then that Ally's Strength is considered to be 4 for all purposes.


  • Unless its Ability specifically forbids it, an Ally can always be played, even if its on-play Ability cannot be fully resolved.
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