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Beautiful as Me is a Condition in Gaston's Villain deck.


  • This can be played after the triggering action is completed.
  • Actions from Items that add extra actions (such as Captain Hook's Cannon), cards that allow you to perform additional actions on your board (such as Maleficent's Raven), and Effects that instruct you to perform an action (such as Lady Tremaine's There's Still a Chance), all count toward the four actions that would trigger this card.
  • As the card's Ability says "may", you can still play this even if Belle is in the Realm, just to no effect.


The indisputably best way to remove Obstacles. It costs nothing, and has no downside, other than being a Condition (and thus dependent on what your opponent does). The mere existence of this card can force your opponent to play suboptimally out of fear of helping you win. Whether or not you hold on to this for more than a turn or so (or how many copies you retain) will depend on who you're facing, detailed below.

There is some strategy to the timing of Beautiful as Me if your opponent is Fating you this turn. Keep an eye on what's in your Fate discard pile and think about what's likely to be played against you. If it's likely to be It Is You, play this after the Fate action, even if it's later than the fourth action, so that you are hurt less and can recover better. If it's likely to be Belle, try to play this before the Fate action is declared, though if facing an opponent that can't perform extra actions, there's not much you can do.

Different Villains have differing ability and desire to perform four or more actions:

Syndrome has one card that lets him perform an extra action, but that action will likely only be taken when it wins him the game.

Also keep in mind the usefulness of all four actions at a location - Dr. Facilier may not always use the Move an Item or Ally at The Bayou, but Queen of Hearts will be consistently using the Activate at Hedge Maze if it's available. When Fating early game, try to leave open a location where your opponent is likely to use all the actions, even if it has a Fate, to tempt them to trigger Beautiful as Me.

Gaston [edit]

Belle's HouseThe TavernThe WoodsBeast's Castle

Villain deck
4 Copies: Wolves
3 Copies: Beautiful as MeSwoon
2 Copies: Belle Is MineCome Into the LightFive Dozen EggsHunter's InstinctIntimidatingTake Me InsteadTime to Follow Me!
1 Copy: Get Out!LefouMonsieur D'ArqueShow Me the Beast!TemperThe Mob

Fate deck
2 Copies: Be Our Guest
1 Copy: BeastBelleCogsworthIt Is YouI've Never Seen So Many BooksLumiereMagic MirrorMassaging My FeetMauriceMaurice's InventionMrs. Potts and ChipSaving My LifeThe Rose