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Pirate Brute, a brute in Captain Hook's Villain deck.

Brute is an unofficial card archetype, being an Ally with Strength, but no additional Ability. They tend to have the highest Strength for their Cost of Allies in that Villain's deck. Hypothetically, a Hero could also be a brute, but no such Heroes have been released thus far.

Excepting Dr. Facilier's Spirits, which have Fortune Abilities, the only wording they have is: "No additional Ability."

List of brutes[]

Card Gallery[]

Bartholomew.png Horned King's Henchmen.png Imperial Guards.png Masked Spirits.png Palace Guard.png Pirate Brute.png Rhino Guards.png Savage Goon.png Security.png Shadow Spirits.png Swashbuckler.png The Mob.png

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