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Come Into the Light is an Effect in Gaston's Villain deck.


A solid card, and with two copies, will likely be a large part of your win condition. It's more cost-efficient than Temper or Get Out!, though restricted to a single location. Play it as soon as you can, and never discard it. Target The Tavern or The Woods first, as the other locations can be cleared by defeating Heroes.

Gaston [edit]

Belle's HouseThe TavernThe WoodsBeast's Castle

Villain deck
4 Copies: Wolves
3 Copies: Beautiful as MeSwoon
2 Copies: Belle Is MineCome Into the LightFive Dozen EggsHunter's InstinctIntimidatingTake Me InsteadTime to Follow Me!
1 Copy: Get Out!LefouMonsieur D'ArqueShow Me the Beast!TemperThe Mob

Fate deck
2 Copies: Be Our Guest
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