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Donald Duck is a Hero in Pete's Fate deck.

Identical cards[]

The following cards in other Villains' Fate decks are functionally the same:


It's not often that he comes paired with something less useful in the moment, but having Donald Duck on the board can make things a lot more difficult for Pete. Seeing him paired with Mickey Mouse during a Fate pick can be frustrating, but having him on the board to protect the high-pitched rodent can hold Pete back for several turns. Play him if you can, but not at the expense of a more immediately useful card, like Minnie Mouse or Horace Horsecollar.

Pete [edit]

Frontier TownService StationThe AirportPodunk Landing

Villain deck
7 Copies: Bandit
4 Copies: Play a Game
3 Copies: HorseParrotSneaky Pete
2 Copies: MischiefOutrage
1 Copy: Air Strike!Bank LootCricketJalopySteamboat WillieStolen Cargo

Fate deck
2 Copies: HideKnocked SillyOutlawed
1 Copy: Clarabelle CowDonald DuckGoofyHorace HorsecollarMickey MouseMinnie MouseOswald the Lucky RabbitPlutoTired