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Beautiful, Lovely Taxes, an Effect in Prince John's Villain deck.

Effect is a card type. It appears in both Villain and Fate decks, and is denoted with a green font. Effects are immediately discarded after they are played, as they produce an immediate "effect", rather than staying on the board like an Ally or Hero.

Official Rules[]

  • Effect cards appear in both the Villain deck and the Fate deck and are one-time events.
  • To play an Effect, pay its Cost (if one is shown in the upper left corner), do what the card says, then discard it face up to the appropriate discard pile.


  • An Effect can only be played if you can fully resolve its Ability.
  • Effects that have you deal with a specified quantity of something (such as losing Power or revealing cards), may still be played if you have less than the stated amount, as long as you have more than zero. In such cases, you do as much as you can.
  • Effect cards that have the effect to Defeat a Hero do not require Allies in order to activate them.
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