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"I'll be the fairest in the land!"

Evil Queen is one of three playable Villains in the Villainous expansion, Wicked to the Core. She is from the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, released in 1937, in which she is voiced by Lucille La Verne. She is illustrated in the game by Lucas Torquato.

Evil Queen has a unique action, Brew Poison, and a unique card type, Ingredient. She uses Poison to defeat Heroes (as she lacks a Vanquish action) by playing Take a Bite at their location. She uses Ingredients to unlock the Dwarfs' Cottage, allowing her to fulfill her win condition and defeat Snow White.


Evil Queen must play four different Ingredients, bring Snow White into the Realm, get enough Poison to defeat her, and then play Take a Bite.


Evil Queen's mover.

Evil Queen's Realm contains the following locations, from left to right:

Evil Queen's Realm.

Villain deck[]

Evil Queen's Villain deck card back.

The following cards are in Evil Queen's Villain deck:

These include 1 Ally (Huntsman), 4 total Conditions (Jealous; Vanity), 12 total Effects (Black Magic; I'll Fix Ya!; Take a Bite; Thunderbolt), 8 total Ingredients (Black of Night; Mummy Dust; Old Hag's Cackle; Scream of Fright), and 5 total Items (Magic Tomes; Magic Mirror; The Box; Throne).

Card Gallery[]

5 Copies:

Take a Bite.png

3 Copies:

I'll Fix Ya.png

2 Copies:

Black Magic.png Black of Night.png Jealousy.png Magic Tomes.png Mummy Dust.png Old Hag's Cackle.png Scream of Fright.png Thunderbolt.png Vanity.png

1 Copy:

Huntsman.png Magic Mirror (Evil Queen).png The Box.png Throne.png

Fate deck[]

Evil Queen's Fate deck card back.

The following cards are in Evil Queen's Fate deck:

These include 4 total Effects (Love's First Kiss; Woodland Creatures), 8 Heroes (Bashful; Doc; Dopey; Grumpy; Happy; Sleepy; Sneezy; Snow White), and 3 total Items (Pickaxe; Wishing Well).

Card Gallery[]

2 Copies:

Love's First Kiss.png Pickaxe.png Woodland Creatures.png

1 Copy:

Bashful.png Doc.png Dopey.png Grumpy.png Happy.png Sleepy.png Sneezy.png Snow White.png Wishing Well.png



HOW to WIN as EVIL QUEEN Villainous Strategy Guide

Lord of the Board's strategy video.

Evil Queen is a strong villain, boasting some of the most powerful deck-searching tools in the game, and a win condition that is hard to fully stop.

Evil Queen's first priority is to find her Ingredients. Aside from the typical Discard Cards action at The Woods, you should be using Magic Tomes and Black Magic as often as possible. Prioritize Ingredients and the Magic Mirror; discard everything else. The Ingredients themselves can have beneficial effects, but don't hold on to them waiting for the right moment to use them; just play them as soon as you draw them so you can unlock Dwarfs' Cottage.

The Magic Mirror is your second priority, but you don't necessarily want to play it right away. Make sure you have enough Power to play it and Activate it on the same turn, otherwise it is vulnerable to Sneezy. Its card-drawing is also very nice to have if you're still looking for Ingredients, as well as to get Take a Bite in the late game.

Along the way, if you don't have anything better to do on a turn, play your Throne and Huntsman. The extra trickle of Poison from Throne can be nice (if you don't have a better Activate action). Huntsman should be played to The Mine, so that either he can slip into Dwarfs' Cottage, or Snow White can be moved into his location. Jealousy is also pretty easy to activate, and an extra Poison is always nice. Only hold on to Vanity if it looks like it will trigger, such as when playing against Ratigan or Jafar.

Ideally, you should only Brew Poison once. If you're constantly trickling Power into Poison throughout the game, that leaves you vulnerable to Love's First Kiss and Happy. Since, aside from Dopey, each Dwarf gives Snow White only 1 extra Strength, it's a waste of Poison (and a copy of Take a Bite) to defeat them. Use Scream of Fright and your Move a Hero action to shunt them around, and I'll Fix Ya! when necessary to work around them, but it's perfectly fine to leave them in your Realm. The only exception is Doc, as he must be defeated before Snow White.

Once you've unlocked Dwarfs' Cottage and found Snow White, simply head to the Laboratory to brew up enough Poison, then go defeat that little girl and take your rightful place as fairest in the land! The only real obstacle is Doc, who can be easily taken care of. If you're still trying to get enough Power, or haven't found a Take a Bite yet, move Snow White out of the Dwarfs' Cottage so you can get access to your second Fate location.

To counter Evil Queen, you want to constantly hit her with Fate. Once the Magic Mirror is out, try to get Sneezy to get rid of it. Play Dwarves in general, as each one makes Snow White harder to kill. Doc should be played to Evil Queen's current location, to maximize the number of turns he makes her waste. Woodland Creatures is great all game long, as it can get rid of an Ingredient, the Magic Mirror, or Take a Bite.

Evil Queen [edit]

LaboratoryThe WoodsThe MineDwarfs' Cottage

Villain deck
5 Copies: Take a Bite
3 Copies: I'll Fix Ya!
2 Copies: Black MagicBlack of NightJealousyMagic TomesMummy DustOld Hag's CackleScream of FrightThunderboltVanity
1 Copy: HuntsmanMagic MirrorThe BoxThrone

Fate deck
2 Copies: Love's First KissPickaxeWoodland Creatures
1 Copy: BashfulDocDopeyGrumpyHappySleepySneezySnow WhiteWishing Well

Unique mechanics
Brew PoisonIngredient

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