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A player's Fate deck is the deck of 15 cards that sits to the right of their Board, colored white. They are not played by that Villain, but by other player's taking a Fate action against them. Each Villain's Fate deck is different, customized for their Board and win condition, and part of learning to play a Villain is learning the cards in their Fate deck. There are typically 1, 2 or 3 copies of each card in a Fate deck.

When Fate cards are discarded, they are put into the Fate discard pile. When there are not enough cards in a player's Fate deck to do something (finding, revealing, or looking at cards), the Fate discard pile is shuffled to form a new Fate deck.

Gallery of Fate deck card backs[]

Captain Hook Fate Back.png Cruella De Vil Fate Back.png Dr Facilier Fate Back.png Evil Queen Fate Back.png Gaston Fate Back.png Horned King Fate Back.png Hades Fate Back.png Jafar Fate Back.png Lady Tremaine Fate Back.png Lotso Fate Back.png Madam Mim Fate Back.png Maleficent Fate Back.png Mother Gothel Fate Back.png Pete Fate Back.png Prince John Fate Back.png Queen of Hearts Fate Back.png Ratigan Fate Back.png Scar Fate Back.png Syndrome Fate Back.png Ursula Fate Back.png Yzma Fate Back.png

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