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Get Out! is an Effect in Gaston's Villain deck.


  • This can be played even if fewer than 3 Obstacles remain; doing so would win you the game.


Playing this card will typically win you the game, which is why no opponent wants to allow Gaston to have 5 Power with only 3 Obstacles remaining. If you draw into it early, go ahead and play it if you have the Power, otherwise hang on to it - never discard this card! Prioritize other Obstacle removal first. If you can get into a rhythm of Activating Monsieur D'Arque and gaining Power at The Woods, you can put a lot of pressure on your opponent just by holding on to Get Out!, so do so if possible. A neat trick is, if you're down to one or two Obstacles, but don't have the Power to play this, is to go to Beast's Castle, Swoon first, then play this for the win.

Gaston [edit]

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