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Greed is a Condition in Prince John's Villain deck.


A quite good way to snag some extra Power, and can often help you protect your win condition once you've reached 20+ Power, or snag a surprise win by getting from 17 power to 20 before the start of your turn. Some other Villains are more likely to have extra Power than others (Jafar ostensibly needs 6 Power to Hypnotize the Genie, and Ratigan ostensibly needs 15 Power to play The Robot Queen, though both have ways of decreasing those Costs), but any of them can end up hoarding Power if they're dumping discard fodder trying to get to the cards they need. Try to keep a poker face when seeing if this condition is met. If you very obviously ask a player how much Power they have, or lean over to take a closer look, they will be more likely to restructure their turn so that you cannot play this card, such as by playing a card of their own first to spend Power before gaining it.

Prince John [edit]

Sherwood ForestFriar Tuck's ChurchNottinghamThe Jail

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