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Green Fire is a Curse in Maleficent's Villain deck.


Keeping all Heroes out of a location is quite powerful, making it very hard for Maleficent's Fate deck to get rid of this Curse. However, Maleficent can no longer visit that location without losing it. Try to play Green Fire to locations you don't visit often, move them around to your location, and make good use of Vanish and Raven to still have access to that location's actions.

Maleficent [edit]

Forbidden MountainsBriar Rose's CottageThe ForestKing Stefan's Castle

Villain deck
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2 Copies: Dreamless SleepMaliceTyranny
1 Copy: RavenSpinning WheelStaff

Fate deck
3 Copies: GuardsSword of Truth
2 Copies: Once Upon a Dream
1 Copy: AuroraFaunaFloraKing HubertKing StefanMerryweatherPrince Phillip

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