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Gurgi is a Hero in Horned King's Fate deck.


  • Gurgi is not shuffled into the Fate deck if defeated via We Got You Now, Pig Keeper.
  • If the Fate deck is empty when Gurgi is Vanquished, the Fate discard pile is reshuffled entirely, with Gurgi in it.


Only play Gurgi if the other option is either unplayable, or if it would be helpful to Horned King (Fflewddur Fflam or a Reunited playing him too early, for instance). Horned King will just Vanquish him immediately and keep his Fate deck diluted. If you desperately need to cover Morva, Gurgi will do, but there is usually a better option.

Horned King [edit]

MorvaFair Folk KingdomDungeonsThrone Room

Villain deck
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3 Copies: Horned King's Henchmen
2 Copies: GwythaintsOnly Moments Away From VictoryOur Hour Has ArrivedShow Me the Black CauldronVisionsWe Got You Now, Pig KeeperWe Have Made a Bargain
1 Copy: Captured!CreeperGuard Dog
Tile: The Black Cauldron

Fate deck
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