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Alice, a Hero in Queen of Hearts' Fate deck.

Hero is a card type. It only appears in Fate decks, and is denoted with a gold font. Heroes are played to the top of a Villain's board, in a particular location, where they cover up the top actions at that location. All Heroes have a Strength, which is used to determine if they can be Vanquished by Allies, or otherwise defeated by Conditions or Effects.

Official Rules[]

  • Hero cards appear only in the Fate deck and represent the irksome do-gooders who are trying to stop your Villain’s sinister plans.
  • You play Heroes from your opponents’ Fate decks by performing the Fate action.
  • To play a Hero, place the card so it is covering the top of any unlocked location in that opponent’s Realm.
  • You can use a Hero to hinder an opponent’s progress by covering useful actions.
  • The actions covered by a Hero are no longer available until the Hero is moved or defeated.
  • Each Hero has a Strength (shown in the lower left corner), which may be modified by other cards in the Realm.
  • Additionally, most Heroes have an Ability that makes it harder for your opponent to achieve their Objective.
  • If there are multiple Heroes at a location, and the Hero covering the action symbols is defeated, move any other Heroes down so one of them covers the symbols.


  • Heroes can always be played, even if their on-play Ability cannot be fully resolved.
  • If multiple heroes are at one location, you may choose which Hero to defeat
  • Whenever referring to a Hero's Strength, always consider all other card Abilities that are in effect in the Realm. For Example, if a Hero has a Strength of 5 printed on their card, but another card in the Realm gives them -1 Strength, then that Hero's Strength is considered to be 4 for all purposes.
  • If a Hero's Strength is reduced to 0 by other card Abilities you must still use a Vanquish action or card Ability to defeat the Hero. However, if you use a Vanquish action, no Allies need to be discarded. Yo can defeat a Hero even if you have no Allies at the Hero's Location.


  • The strength of a Hero is only altered after being played. For instance, if Forest of Thorns and Dreamless Sleep are at the same location, Prince Phillip can still be played there and discard the Forest of Thorns, even though he will be only 3 Strength once he is on the board.
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