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Injustice is a Condition in Scar's Villain deck.


  • This must be played before the Fate cards are revealed.
  • You may discard one, both, or neither of the cards you look at.
  • If you have both copies of Injustice in hand, you must play both at the same time if you want to use both. You can't play one, look at your top two Fate cards and resolve them, then decide to play the other copy after that.


The best card in Scar's Villain deck, and one of the best cards in the game. This should never just be discarded - always hold on to it. This can ensure you don't have to deal with Hakuna Matata, Rafiki or his Stick, or any other unwanted Fate card, and can often seal a win for Scar.

Scar [edit]

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Villain deck
6 Copies: Hungry Hyena
4 Copies: Long Live the King
3 Copies: Be PreparedStick with MeWhisper
2 Copies: Feeding FrenzyInjusticePrideStampede
1 Copy: Banzai the HyenaEd the HyenaShenzi the Hyena

Fate deck
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1 Copy: MufasaNalaPumbaaRafikiRafiki's StickSarabiSimbaTimonZazu