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Jalopy is an Item in Pete's Villain deck.


A fantastic card, and arguably Pete's best Item, letting you still play a card at Frontier Town or Service Station when a Hero is squatting there, and also making it much easier to fulfill Power Play. A clear priority for Strike It Rich. Can also be used to stack your deck for Play a Game via Sneaky Pete or Mischief.

Pete [edit]

Frontier TownService StationThe AirportPodunk Landing

Villain deck
7 Copies: Bandit
4 Copies: Play a Game
3 Copies: HorseParrotSneaky Pete
2 Copies: MischiefOutrage
1 Copy: Air Strike!Bank LootCricketJalopySteamboat WillieStolen Cargo

Fate deck
2 Copies: HideKnocked SillyOutlawed
1 Copy: Clarabelle CowDonald DuckGoofyHorace HorsecollarMickey MouseMinnie MouseOswald the Lucky RabbitPlutoTired