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Each Realm has four locations to which you may move your Villain Mover. Each location represents a location from the movie each Villain hails from.

Each location has 3 to 5 actions (most commonly 4) that a villain can perform during their turn.

A location has two sides where cards can be played:

  • Fate Section: cards from the Fate Deck must be played above each location. Actions at the top of the location become unavailable when Heroes (or similar Fate cards) are played.
  • Villain Section: cards from the Villain Deck must be played below each location, unless they are attached to a Hero.

There is no limit to the number of Villain or Fate cards that may be played to a location. as cards are played to locations, slightly offset them so all cards at a location can be seen.

Locked Locations[]

Some Villains have locations that are locked at the beginning of the game, but which may be unlocked during the game. A locked location is denoted with a Lock Token.

  • A villain cannot move to a locked location.
  • Cards cannot be played to, moved to, or moved from a locked location.
  • If a card is at a location that later becomes locked, the card's Ability, if any, remains in effect, though locked cards cannot be Activated.

The following are the locked locations that can be found in the game:

Design trends[]

The following trends seem to be followed in the design of locations within a Realm:

  • Each Realm has a location with a bottom-row Gain 3 Power action, and two Play a Card actions, one top-row, one bottom-row.
    • Prior to Despicable Plots, Prince John was the one exception: his location with two Play a Card actions gives less than 3 Power, although he still has a bottom row Gain 3 Power action.
    • All the Villains since Despicable Plots break this convention, each in their own way.
  • Only one location has more than one Play a Card action.
  • Each Realm has two Fate actions in different locations, one top-row, one bottom-row. Generally, these Fate actions are at locations that gain you 1 Power or none at all, with exceptions occurring for unusual circumstances, such as that location starting off locked (Hangman's Tree), that location having no Play a Card action (The Palace (Ursula)), or the Realm having no Gain 3 Power action (The Woods (Gaston)).
    • Madam Mim is the only exception, with both of her Fate actions on the bottom row.
  • Each Realm has two Discard Cards actions in different locations, one top-row, one bottom-row.
  • If a Realm has a Vanquish action, there is only one, and it is bottom-row.
    • Gaston, Horned King, and Syndrome are exceptions, each having two Vanquish actions in different locations, one top-row, one bottom-row. Lotso has only one Vanquish action, but it is top row.
  • Every location has at least one Play a Card action.
    • Ursula and Madam Mim are exceptions, each having one location with no Play a Card action.
  • Realms tend not to have a Play a Card action on the bottom row of every location. Exceptions tend to have good reason: for example, Evil Queen needs to be able to play Take a Bite.

The theme of each location also follows a couple trends:

  • The leftmost location tends to be where the Villain starts in their film or has their base of operations:
  • The location with a Vanquish action tends to be where the Villain fought or even defeated one or more Heroes in their film:
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