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Long Live the King is an Effect in Scar's Villain deck. It is one of the ways he can pull Heroes from his Fate deck, so he can defeat them and add them to his Succession pile.


Play this early and often until you pull out Mufasa. After that, there will usually be other Heroes in your Realm for you to defeat, but this can still mill your Fate deck to try to get past Hakuna Matata and Rafiki and his Stick. If you find Zazu with this, play him, but don't prioritize him over Mufasa.

Scar [edit]

Pride RockThe SavannaElephant GraveyardThe Gorge

Villain deck
6 Copies: Hungry Hyena
4 Copies: Long Live the King
3 Copies: Be PreparedStick with MeWhisper
2 Copies: Feeding FrenzyInjusticePrideStampede
1 Copy: Banzai the HyenaEd the HyenaShenzi the Hyena

Fate deck
3 Copies: Hakuna MatataProphecy
1 Copy: MufasaNalaPumbaaRafikiRafiki's StickSarabiSimbaTimonZazu