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Maid Marian is a Hero in Prince John's Fate deck.


  • If Robin Hood is already in Prince John's Realm when Maid Marian is defeated, and has Power on him from Steal from the Rich, that Power is returned to the Supply, and Prince John does not get it back.


Weak on her own, Prince John will most likely want to Imprison her so he can ignore her on-defeat Ability. As such, she is the perfect target for Steal from the Rich (even more than once!), to bait Prince John into defeating her and bringing out Robin Hood.

She can be advantageous for Prince John to keep in The Jail as insurance against Robin Hood since defeating her while Robin Hood is already in the realm will force Robin Hood to be played to The Jail while simultaneously removing any Clever Disguise that Robin Hood has equipped without expending any power to do so.

Prince John [edit]

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