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Mickey Mouse is a Hero in Pete's Fate deck.


  • If Pete spends 6 Power while Mickey Mouse is present, Power Play cannot be completed. But if Pete then defeats Mickey Mouse and spends more Power afterwards, that would complete Power Play.


The most obviously powerful card in Pete's Fate deck, Mickey Mouse can sometimes be more of a trap, often delaying Pete for no more than a turn or two, if he has Air Strike! in hand, or enough Bandits in play. While he's not a bad Fate pick by any stretch, keep an eye out for cards that can set him back more, particularly his companion, Minnie Mouse.

Pete [edit]

Frontier TownService StationThe AirportPodunk Landing

Villain deck
7 Copies: Bandit
4 Copies: Play a Game
3 Copies: HorseParrotSneaky Pete
2 Copies: MischiefOutrage
1 Copy: Air Strike!Bank LootCricketJalopySteamboat WillieStolen Cargo

Fate deck
2 Copies: HideKnocked SillyOutlawed
1 Copy: Clarabelle CowDonald DuckGoofyHorace HorsecollarMickey MouseMinnie MouseOswald the Lucky RabbitPlutoTired

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