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Monsieur D'Arque is an Ally in Gaston's Villain deck.


The closest thing Gaston has to an engine, and his most reliable Obstacle remover. Where he is played doesn't matter, as you'll almost never want to Vanquish with him, but play him as soon as you can, and then start Activating him. Once he's out, your opponent will start prioritizing covering The Tavern, which can leave clear the Discard Cards at The Woods, and the Fate at Beast's Castle, which can let you draw into and play your other Obstacle removers. Thus even if you never Activate him, Monsieur D'Arque can greatly improve your game, as he draws attention to himself and away from other priorities.

Gaston [edit]

Belle's HouseThe TavernThe WoodsBeast's Castle

Villain deck
4 Copies: Wolves
3 Copies: Beautiful as MeSwoon
2 Copies: Belle Is MineCome Into the LightFive Dozen EggsHunter's InstinctIntimidatingTake Me InsteadTime to Follow Me!
1 Copy: Get Out!LefouMonsieur D'ArqueShow Me the Beast!TemperThe Mob

Fate deck
2 Copies: Be Our Guest
1 Copy: BeastBelleCogsworthIt Is YouI've Never Seen So Many BooksLumiereMagic MirrorMassaging My FeetMauriceMaurice's InventionMrs. Potts and ChipSaving My LifeThe Rose