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A Villain's Mover is the colored resin figurine that represents your Villain. They start the game on the left-most location, and at the start of each turn you move your Villain Mover to a different location. You may move to any location in your Realm, as long as it is not locked. You may not stay at your previous location. The location where the Villain Mover is standing determines the actions that can be performed during the turn.


  • Some cards reference the Villain by name for certain actions or restrictions; these cards reference the Villain Mover.

Gallery of Movers[]

Captain Hookmover.png Cruella De Vilmover.png Dr Faciliermover.png Evil Queenmover.png Gastonmover.png Hadesmover.png Horned Kingmover.png Jafarmover.png Lady Tremainemover.pngMaleficentmover.png Mother Gothelmover.png Petemover.png Prince Johnmover.png Queen of Heartsmover.png Ratiganmover.png Scarmover.png Ursulamover.png Yzmamover.png

Game Mechanics [edit]

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