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Never Land Map is an Item in Captain Hook's Villain deck. It is part of his win condition, unlocking Hangman's Tree so that Peter Pan can be moved out of that location.


  • If Never Land Map is removed from the Realm, Hangman's Tree remains unlocked.


Captain Hook cannot win without first playing this card. Discard aggressively until you find it. If you can't play a card on a turn, and it won't actively help you find Peter Pan (like Worthy Opponent) or move him to the Jolly Roger (like Ingenious Device), it should be discarded until you find the Never Land Map. After it's played, being able to play another Item for free is a nice consolation prize, but not a very big deal, as Captain Hook usually doesn't have a problem accumulating Power.

Previous versions[]

First printing.

Captain Hook [edit]

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