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Pascal is a Hero in Mother Gothel's Fate deck.


Arguably the best card in Mother Gothel's Fate deck. Stationing Pascal at Rapunzel's Tower prevents optimal I Love You Most play, and putting him anywhere (except Corona) means it's that much harder to keep Rapunzel under control. He's very easy to defeat, though, so it can be worth slotting him into a spot not threatened by Allies, though if Mother Gothel has to waste time defeating him instead of Rapunzel (and thus forgoing I Love You Most), that in and of itself can be a net win.

Mother Gothel [edit]

Rapunzel's TowerThe Snuggly DucklingThe ForestCorona

Villain deck
5 Copies: Royal Guard
2 Copies: DuplicityEgomaniaI Love You MostLet Down Your HairMisdirectionMother Knows BestNow I'm the Bad GuyRevengeRoyal RiderWhat Once Was Mine
1 Copy: CrownHair BrushKnifePatchy StabbingtonSideburns Stabbington

Fate deck
3 Copies: Everyone Has a Dream
2 Copies: AgingFloating Lights
1 Copy: Flynn RiderFrying PanHook HandMaximusPascalQueen and KingShortyUlf
Tile: Rapunzel