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Play a Card is an action that allows you to Play one card from your hand to any unlocked location.

Official Rules[]

  • You may play only one card for each Play a Card action icon.
  • Most cards have a Cost that is shown in the upper left corner. When you play a card, you must pay its Cost by returning that many Power to the Cauldron. If you do not have enough Power to pay a card’s Cost, you may not play the card.
  • An Item or Ally may be played to any unlocked location in your Realm. Play the card to the bottom of your Board, below the location. (see Types of Cards for details)


  • "Playing" a card refers to adding a card to a Villain's Realm, either from your hand or from a Villain or Fate deck.
  • "Moving" a card refers to taking a card that is in your Realm and moving it to a new location.
  • If a card's Ability is triggered when it (or another card) is played, the Ability is not triggered if it is moved.
  • If a card's Ability is triggered when it (or another card) is moved, the Ability is not triggered if it is played.
  • If the ability on a card violates a rule in the Instructions, the card takes precedence.


  • If a Villain Effect text does not read "you may" the action is required in order to play the card, the card cannot be played if all the actions in the text cannot be performed.
  • When a card being played triggers something in play, you first finish fulfilling the card being played before fulfilling the card that reacts to it. For example: If you play Little John against Prince John at a location with a Warrant, and Prince John only has one power, The effect of Little John resolves before the Warrant, Little John steals that 1 Power, then the Warrant gives 2 power to Prince John.
  • This shouldn't be confused with ongoing effects that affect the state of the game. For Example: Robin Hood's ability isn't triggered, it's just an ongoing effect reducing all power gains via card effect or action.
Actions [edit]

Common Actions
Gain PowerPlay a CardActivateFateMove an Item or AllyMove a HeroVanquishDiscard Cards

Unique Actions
Brew Poison