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Play a Game is an Effect in Pete's Villain deck. It is used to complete one of his Goals, Win Big.


Essential if you have Win Big as one of your Goals. Combine this with Mischief or Sneaky Pete to maximize your chances of gaining 4 or more Power. If Win Big is not one your goals, this can still be worth playing, as it can net you extra Power for Power Play, or for getting out your Items, but if you're floating Power, or have more important cards to play, this is just discard fodder. Keep in mind that the more Items and Bandits you play, the less Power you are likely to gain from this!

Pete [edit]

Frontier TownService StationThe AirportPodunk Landing

Villain deck
7 Copies: Bandit
4 Copies: Play a Game
3 Copies: HorseParrotSneaky Pete
2 Copies: MischiefOutrage
1 Copy: Air Strike!Bank LootCricketJalopySteamboat WillieStolen Cargo

Fate deck
2 Copies: HideKnocked SillyOutlawed
1 Copy: Clarabelle CowDonald DuckGoofyHorace HorsecollarMickey MouseMinnie MouseOswald the Lucky RabbitPlutoTired