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Pride is a Condition in Scar's Villain deck.


  • This Condition is only triggered by players discarding cards from their hand, mostly via the Discard Cards action.
  • The cards do not have to be discarded all at once. Pride can be played as soon as another player has cumulatively discarded at least two cards from their hand in one turn.
  • Playing an Effect does not count as discarding it from your hand, even though it is put in the discard pile immediately after it is played.


A decent card. If this is in your hand, keep a close watch on your opponents when they're discarding cards, though a good player will probably try to play around this. While gaining 3 Power is nice, don't feel obligated to hold on to Pride if you're looking for more important cards, and your opponents seem reticent to discard.

Scar [edit]

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