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Rafiki's Stick is an Item in Scar's Fate deck.


A great Fate pick. Prioritize Rafiki, Mufasa, then Simba, in that order. Scar may want to use Whisper to attach this to Zazu so it can't be used on anyone else.

Identical cards[]

The following cards in other Villains' decks are functionally the same (ignoring number of copies):

Scar [edit]

Pride RockThe SavannaElephant GraveyardThe Gorge

Villain deck
6 Copies: Hungry Hyena
4 Copies: Long Live the King
3 Copies: Be PreparedStick with MeWhisper
2 Copies: Feeding FrenzyInjusticePrideStampede
1 Copy: Banzai the HyenaEd the HyenaShenzi the Hyena

Fate deck
3 Copies: Hakuna MatataProphecy
1 Copy: MufasaNalaPumbaaRafikiRafiki's StickSarabiSimbaTimonZazu