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"Long live the king."

Scar is one of three playable Villains in the Villainous expansion, Evil Comes Prepared. He is from the movie The Lion King, released in 1994, in which he is voiced by Jeremy Irons.

Scar has a special mechanic called the Succession pile. Once he defeats Mufasa, any other Hero he defeats is put in that pile, and the combined Strength of the Heroes in the pile determines whether or not he satisfies his Objective.


Scar must find and defeat Mufasa, and then defeat other Heroes in order to have at least 15 Strength in the Succession pile. He can only win at the start of his turn.


Scar's mover.

Scar's Realm contains the following locations, from left to right:

Scar's Realm.

Villain deck[]

Scar's Villain deck card back.

The following cards are in Scar's Villain deck:

These include 11 total Allies (Hungry Hyena; Stampede; Banzai the Hyena; Ed the Hyena; Shenzi the Hyena), 4 total Conditions (Injustice; Pride), and 15 total Effects (Long Live the King; Be Prepared; Stick with Me; Whisper; Feeding Frenzy). Scar is the only Villain with no Items in his Villain deck.

Card Gallery[]

6 Copies:

Hungry Hyena.png

4 Copies:

Long Live the King.png

3 Copies:

Be Prepared.png Stick with Me.png Whisper.png

2 Copies:

Feeding Frenzy.png Injustice.png Pride.png Stampede.png

1 Copy:

Banzai the Hyena.png Ed the Hyena.png Shenzi the Hyena.png

Fate deck[]

Scar's Fate deck card back.

The following cards are in Scar's Fate deck:

These include 3 total Effects (Hakuna Matata), 8 Heroes (Mufasa; Nala; Pumbaa; Rafiki; Sarabi; Simba; Timon; Zazu), and 4 total Items (Prophecy; Rafiki’s Stick)

Card Gallery[]

3 Copies:

Hakuna Matata.png Prophecy.png

1 Copy:

Mufasa.png Nala.png Pumbaa.png Rafiki.png Rafiki's Stick.png Sarabi.png Simba.png Timon.png Zazu.png



HOW to WIN with SCAR Villainous Strategy Guide

Lord of the Board's strategy video.

Scar can be a challenging Villain to play, as he is on the slower side, with a particularly nasty Fate deck, but that can make him all the more satisfying to win with.

Scar has two priorities to begin with:

  1. Amass Hungry Hyenas
  2. Find and play Mufasa

For 1., play every Hyena you draw, and use Be Prepared often. It often works best to choose one location as a "kill zone", and putting most of your Hyenas there - The Savanna serves this purpose well, as it means your top-row Fate is defended, and your opponents will have to decide between trying to Fate lock you, or keeping Heroes out of reach of your Hyenas. If you draw a unique Hyena, play it, as all three of them have great Abilities.

For 2., play Long Live the King at every opportunity, though before you get your Succession pile started, the only Hero you should be playing is Mufasa, to your kill zone. If Mufasa is played by an opponent, great! If Mufasa is discarded by an opponent, you can easily pick him up with Whisper. However, don't play him before you have enough Hyenas to dispatch him, otherwise you give your opponent time to pull out Rafiki, his Stick, or Simba.

For the most part Scar doesn't want to use Discard Cards too heavily, instead playing cards, which he can do more easily given that both Elephant Graveyard and Pride Rock have two Play a Card actions. This is mainly because his key cards (Hungry Hyena and Long Live the King) each have lots of copies and are thus easy to find, and there's very little else that won't come in useful eventually. The only cards you shouldn't hang onto are Feeding Frenzies, early Stick with Mes, and Pride if your opponents aren't really discarding.

You want to defeat Mufasa as quickly as possible, as you can't start working toward your win condition until he is dead. Get your Hyenas into your kill zone, find and play Mufasa there (preferably with Zazu to nerf him), then take your Vanquish action.

Once your Succession pile is started, you can begin your defeating engine in earnest. Your next mark should optimally be Simba, both for his high Strength value (which also makes him immune to Hakuna Matata), and to stop his annoying Ability. From there, use Long Live the King and Whisper frequently to throw Heroes into your kill zone, preferably avoiding Rafiki. Remember that Whisper can play Hakuna Matata, letting you move Heroes with impunity. Try to keep your Hyena count in your kill zone high: ideally you should only ever need to use one Hungry Hyena per Vanquish.

Also take advantage of Scar's ability to take multiple Vanquish actions. It can be helpful to leave a Hungry Hyena at The Gorge for Stick with Me, and Stampede is one of your best cards in general, corralling Heroes to where you want them, and letting you get in extra defeats.

Scar's main weakness is his punishing Fate deck. Hakuna Matata can be played ad nauseam, delaying you from winning perhaps indefinitely, while Rafiki's Stick can be brutal, particularly on a high-Strength Hero. To defend your win condition, you should firstly be Fating your own opponents in a preemptive strike, making sure to cover their top-row Fate actions with Heroes - ideally you should reach 15+ Strength in your Succession pile when no one can Fate you! Fortunately, you can Fate and Vanquish on the same turn at The Gorge. Next, you should never discard Injustice, as it can be the difference between winning and losing; if you can discard Hakuna Matatas when you're at your win condition, it is the most satisfying feeling.

Countering Scar is straighforward: flood him with Heroes before his Succession pile can start, then dig for Hakuna Matata to delay him. Attach Items to valuable Heroes (Mufasa, Simba), and move Zazu into an unoptimal position. Make sure your own board keeps clear of Heroes, so you're never caught in a situation where you can't Fate Scar.

Scar [edit]

Pride RockThe SavannaElephant GraveyardThe Gorge

Villain deck
6 Copies: Hungry Hyena
4 Copies: Long Live the King
3 Copies: Be PreparedStick with MeWhisper
2 Copies: Feeding FrenzyInjusticePrideStampede
1 Copy: Banzai the HyenaEd the HyenaShenzi the Hyena

Fate deck
3 Copies: Hakuna MatataProphecy
1 Copy: MufasaNalaPumbaaRafikiRafiki's StickSarabiSimbaTimonZazu

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