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Sneaky Pete is an Effect in Pete's Villain deck.


  • The card put back on the top or bottom of your deck can be one of the cards drawn by this card, or one you already had in your hand.


The only non-Condition in your deck to cost zero Power, this card is almost always worth playing, unless you have cards in hand that can immediately fulfill one of your Goals. The ability to put a card back makes this and Mischief very helpful in fulfilling Win Big, letting you stack your deck to maximize Play a Game. Even if you don't have that Goal (or have already completed it), this card is quite useful if played at Podunk Landing or a location with Jalopy, as you can play something you draw.

Pete [edit]

Frontier TownService StationThe AirportPodunk Landing

Villain deck
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4 Copies: Play a Game
3 Copies: HorseParrotSneaky Pete
2 Copies: MischiefOutrage
1 Copy: Air Strike!Bank LootCricketJalopySteamboat WillieStolen Cargo

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