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The Rose is an Effect in Gaston's Fate deck.


  • As The Rose discards itself while being resolved, it is possible for it to play itself again if the revealing of two more Fate cards requires a reshuffle. In that case, resolve the second playing of The Rose first, then remove the Obstacle from the first playing of The Rose.
  • Belle prevents the Obstacle removal, even if played as part of the resolution of The Rose.
  • If The Rose is played by Deception or Trickery, there is no other revealed Fate card to play, but you still resolve the rest of the card.


A running theme for Gaston is "calculated risk", and this card is the epitome of that. Getting to Fate twice in one action can be devastating, but if Belle isn't around, this still helps Gaston, and if only one Obstacle remains, you can Fate Gaston and force him to win. Another thing to think about is that The Rose makes the Fate reshuffle come quicker, which can bring back around the big Obstacle replacers sooner, so unless Gaston is down to his last couple Obstacles, this is usually a good option. If Belle is already on the board, or paired with this, there's no reason not to play The Rose.

Gaston [edit]

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