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Tick Tock is a Hero in Captain Hook's Fate deck.


Tick Tock has the highest base Strength of any Hero in Captain Hook's Fate deck, apart from Peter Pan, and has a very solid ongoing effect. Try to place Tick Tock at the Jolly Roger or Mermaid Lagoon, decreasing Captain Hook's options for locations to play cards.

If Jolly Roger's Discard Cards action is blocked by a Hero card and Captain Hook used a discard action on Skull Rock on his previous turn, Tick Tock covering Mermaid Lagoon can be taken advantage of by Captain Hook to discard his hand again in order to search for Never Land Map more easily if Captain Hook doesn't have any card he wants to play.

Captain Hook [edit]

Jolly RogerSkull RockMermaid LagoonHangman's Tree

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