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Time to Follow Me! is an Effect in Gaston's Villain deck.


This is Gaston's only way to move his Allies, and it's only one location at a time, and he only has two copies of it. Thankfully, his Wolves can get quite strong on their own, as is The Mob, and Lefou can help rearrange them after the fact (after a brief spate of handclog, unfortunately). If there is a better location for one of your Allies to be in, go ahead and play this, but if not, don't hang on to this - finding your Obstacle removers is more important.

Gaston [edit]

Belle's HouseThe TavernThe WoodsBeast's Castle

Villain deck
4 Copies: Wolves
3 Copies: Beautiful as MeSwoon
2 Copies: Belle Is MineCome Into the LightFive Dozen EggsHunter's InstinctIntimidatingTake Me InsteadTime to Follow Me!
1 Copy: Get Out!LefouMonsieur D'ArqueShow Me the Beast!TemperThe Mob

Fate deck
2 Copies: Be Our Guest
1 Copy: BeastBelleCogsworthIt Is YouI've Never Seen So Many BooksLumiereMagic MirrorMassaging My FeetMauriceMaurice's InventionMrs. Potts and ChipSaving My LifeThe Rose