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Arges, a Titan in Hades' Villain deck.

Titan is a card type. It is unique to Hades, and only appears in his Villain deck; it is denoted with a lavender font. They are Hades' win condition: he wins when he starts his turn with three of them in Mount Olympus. Titans are similar to Allies, in that they are permanent cards with a Strength value; however, they can only be played to The Underworld. Titans can be used to defeat Heroes, but doing so without the aid of a Mortality Potion can mean setting yourself back from your win condition. The five Titans are Arges, Hydros, Lythos, Pyros, and Stratos.

Official Rules[]

  • Titan is a card type unique to Hades.
  • You must lead at least three Titans to Mount Olympus in order to achieve victory.
  • There are five Titans in your deck and each one has a powerful Ability.
  • Titans function much like your Allies, but they must be played to The Underworld.
  • You may move a Titan using the Move an Item or Ally action.
  • Don't forget to use the Titan's Ability each time it is moved.
  • Just like Allies, Titans may be used to defeat Heroes by performing the Vanquish action. However, because they are still discarded when used to defeat a Hero, this could set you back in getting Titans to Olympus.


Cards that refer to Titans[]

The following cards have Abilities that refer to Titans:

Hades [edit]

The UnderworldThebesThe GardensMount Olympus

Villain deck
3 Copies: Get Ready to Rumble!Mortality PotionPlanets Align
2 Copies: Achilles' HeelEye of the FatesI Rule!RageRuthless
1 Copy: ArgesCerberusChariotHydraHydrosLythosNessusPainPanicPyrosStratos

Fate deck
2 Copies: Go the DistanceLightning BoltMedallionThe Gospel Truth
1 Copy: HeraHerculesHermesMegaraPegasusPhilZeus

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